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Making HRSD cases viewable by the Opened By on Employee Center

If you have a Record Producer for an HR Service that has functionality to open a case on behalf of someone else, you probably noticed that the OOB view for the user who opened the case is less than ideal. After opening the case, they see a ticket page that’s missing the Activities, Attachments and Details tabs as well as the Opened for, Subect person and Assigned to fields:

To remedy this, we have to modify three areas

  1. The Tab Configurations in the Standard Ticket Configuration record.
  2. The hr_PortalUtil script include
  3. The My Request Filter

Tab Configurations in the Standard Ticket Configuration record

  1. Go to Standard Ticket Configuration and choose the record for the table.
  2. Inside the record, go to the Tab Configurations related list and choose any of the records (Activities, for example).
  3. Inside the Tab Configuration, add an OR condition for Opened by IS DYNAMIC ME
  4. Repeat this for each of the tabs you want to give visibility for.

After doing this, the Opened by should be able to see the tabs in the Standard Ticket page for a case they opened for someone else.

hr_PortalUtil Script Include

In the _getCaseConfiguration method, change this line

if (!gs.nil(userCaseConfig) && !gs.nil(gr.parent) && !gs.nil(gr.hr_service.header_config_subject_person))

to this

if (!gs.nil(userCaseConfig) && !gs.nil(gr.hr_service.header_config_subject_person))

Doing this will set the configuration for the ticket header to whatever is set for the Default view for subject person in the HR Service

My Request Filter

If you want Opened By requests to show up in the My Requests list, you have to add a record or the My Request Filter as below