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SaaS platforms that are free or discounted for non-profits

I have seen many non-profits that get along with spreadsheets, emails, post-it notes and smoke signals, but at a certain point, it becomes unmanageable. At one of these non-profits, I remember the director commenting that if she wanted to know how many active volunteers they had, it would take 3 days to reconcile each staff member’s spreadsheet. This kind of problem has been solved millions of times before, however those solutions are often too expensive for a non-profit. Fortunately, many SaaS providers have non-profit pricing available, some even offering free licenses. Below is a chart of some of them:

Salesforcehttps://www.salesforce.org/power-of-us/10 free licenses and discounts on additional licenses
monday.comhttps://monday.com/nonprofits/pricing10 free licenses
Hubspothttps://www.hubspot.com/nonprofits40% discount
Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofithttps://www.microsoft.com/en-us/nonprofits/microsoft-cloud-for-nonprofitPricing discounted but complicated, you basically have to contact sales
ServiceNowDoesn’t have a program yet but ServiceNow.org is coming