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Adding Embedded Help / Help Center content to Service Operations Workspace (or any other Workspace)

Help Center is the new Embedded Help as of San Diego and allows you to add help content to workspaces. There is a page in the docs that explains how to add content but I struggled a bit to get this working. Here’s what I did:

It’s basically a two step process:

  1. Create the content in the Embedded Help table (sys_embedded_help_content, module is labeled Help Content)
  2. Point the workspace page to the help content created in step 1 in the Guidance table (help_guidance).

Create the Help Content

  1. Type Help Content in the navigator, this will bring you to the Embedded Help table
  2. I find it easiest to copy the formatting from an existing record, so I go to any record where the Mode is Normal.
  3. We’re going to use the Copy button, so change the following fields:
NameCan be anything but must be unique. It’s best to come up with some convention like sow_home for Service Operations Workspace home
PageSame as Name field. For workspace, this doesn’t matter.
QualifierThis should be blank for Workspace content
ContentThis is where you put what will be displayed to the user. I copy from an existing record to use the same styles.

4. Click Copy


Point the Workspace page to the Help Content.

  1. Type Guidance in the navigator and then click Create Guidance
  2. Select Type = Embedded Help and fill the form
NameThis is the name that will appear in the content list. A workspace page can have more than one help content record associated with it so when the user first clicks help, a list of help content “articles” are shown.
RolesIf you want to customize your help content down by role
Application Routenow/ + the URL path of the workspace in the UX Applications table (sys_ux_page_registry, type Experiences in the navigator). For Service Operations Workspace, this is now/sow
Embedded help contentChoose the record you created earlier
VersionAll (or the actual version you want the content to display for if you have version specific content).
DescriptionThe subtext that describes the content in the list of contents when you first click on help in workspace. Note the UI Policy Show fields specific related to Guided setup hides this field once the record is created. Disable this UI policy to see the field.
ContextThis is the page in the workspace. You can see this in the URL of the workspace page, for example, /now/sow/home is home,
/now/sow/record/incident/a10b06f797731110c432b8e6f053af91 is record.

The most common values are home, list, and record
Route ParametersThis is what comes after the page in the URL. For example, when viewing a list
The list-id is found in the paramater. If you wanted to add help content for this list, the Route Parameter field would be {list-id:7ae4da1ec3013010965e070e9140dd66}

Save the record and then go to the workspace page where you put the help